Pandium Capital manages the global equity fund Pandium Global. We are an independent and active manager. Our goal is to generate returns that exceed the relevant benchmark, while maintaining a reasonable level of risk-taking. Our operations is based on the following six principles.

Sound investment strategy

We use the investment strategy that has worked the best over long periods of time, value investing. It means that we look for undervalued companies based on fundamental analysis.

Aligned incentives

Most funds charge a fee no matter how good the returns are. We do not think this is fair so we have created a share class without fixed fees. We only get paid if we deliver returns above the relevant benchmark. Also, we invest our money alongside yours, and we act as stewards of our shared capital.

Long-term horizon

Our strategy requires a long-term horizon. Short-term the market is difficult to predict but over the long-term fundamental values determines how well an investment does. All our investments are based on a long-term view. Sometimes you need to underperform short-term in order to overperform long-term.

Risk minimization

Sound risk management is crucial for successful investing. Risk analysis is a key component of all steps in our process, from what companies and industries we are interested in to how we evaluate different opportunities. We aim at minimizing the risk of a permanent capital loss in each case.


It may sound simple, but if you want to generate strong investment results you need to be able to invest where the opportunities are favourable and not be forced to invest where they are unfavourable. Our broad mandate gives us flexibility to invest in the markets, companies or instruments were the conditions are the best.


You cannot invest like everybody else in the market and expect above average returns. At Pandium we put a lot of emphasis on being contrarian. We look for unpopular, misunderstood and neglected companies. It is among them that you find the best bargains.